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What I Have To Offer The Client

At the moment the top reason why you should book me is my experience in music. I've been a musician for more than two decades, since elementary school.

The second reason to consider me for your event is my library of music and my willingness to seek out your favorite music to have it available.

The final reason to book me is that I have a wide selection of rock and electronic music as well as knowledge of mixing any music in key. 

I have been subject to non-disclosure agreements previously as a consultant, so I know how they work and what that entails.

I offer competitive hourly rates for house parties and weddings (with deposit). For more information on my rates or for any other questions contact booking using the button below. If you are booking for a wedding I have experience planning sets and can work with you on playing your favorite music. 

At the moment I have about 1000w (x2) of PA Speaker and 2400w of Subwoofer as well as a professional DJ Console, which should be enough for a small to mid-sized venue space of your choice.

At the moment I have more than 4 days of various metal and electronic music available. If you want specific music played at your event, make sure it's loaded on a USB/External drive or to provide a list of song titles.  Contact booking using the button below for file format requirements or any other questions you might have. 

Unfortunately, at the present time, that is about it.

Feel free to help me add to this list however!

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