I started writing lyrics at 15 years and composing notation when I was 16. In the years since I have dabbled in many instruments including ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, piano, clarinet, violin, and more. I originally started producing at the tail end of 2012 and since then I have watched countless tutorials, read books on the topic, and have generally done my best to improve my art. I started DJing in 2015-16 at the urging of a friend who learned I was starting to produce music and insisted that it was a logical next step and important if I ever wanted to perform my self-produced music.

Stylistically I admit that I am still growing. My art is much like a living thing, growing and changing. I tend to add elements like electric guitars and piano to my music, however that doesn't mean I don't compose tunes that lack these elements.

Historically, I have tended towards gritty bass tones, bright almost shimmering plucks, and lately mixing pitch modulations with my LFO modulations. 

I am a fan of covering other artist's tunes that I love such as Sandstorm, Take On Me, and more; always doing my best to give credit to the original artist.