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I started writing lyrics at 15 years and composing notation when I was 16. In the years since I have dabbled in many instruments including ukulele, guitar, bass guitar, piano, clarinet, violin, and more. I originally started producing music at the tail end of 2012 as something to do when I experience severe insomnia and since then I have watched countless tutorials, read books on the topic, and have generally done my best to improve my art.

My current project Ugliifroot is a culmination of the past ten years making. My aim is to put together every tidbit of know-how I have and refuse to cut corners to bring the best quality music that I have released to date.

I started DJing as an amateur in 2015 at the urging of a friend at the time who learned I was a music producer and insisted that it was important if I ever wanted to perform my self-produced electronic music. Trying to broaden my horizons a bit now in 2022 and use my experience to bring awesome mainstream and underground music to you, the client, as a DJ for hire.

As a DJ I tend to play mostly rock/metal and electronic music (like house and dubstep) as a preference. My self produced tracks take elements from a wide mix of my favorite genres and syles with a bit of my own personality and creativity mixed in.

My Equipment So Far:


1 x Denon DJ Prime 4 

1 x Microphone

2 x Behringer Eurolive B112W 1000w Speakers

1 x Behringer 2400w Subwoofer

2 x Speaker Poles 

For rates please send for a quote by pressing contact booking below.

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