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Privacy & Cookies


Third-party cookies:

Third-party cookies are placed in your browser by a website, or domain, that is not the website or domain that you are currently visiting. If a user visits a website and another entity sets a cookie through that website this would be a third-party cookie.

Some cookies you might get through include:


Their Privacy policies can be found here


Their privacy policies can be found here


Their privacy policies can be found here


Their privacy policy can be found here

New Relic.

Their privacy policy can be found here


Web beacons:

These are small files (also called “pixels”, “image tags”, or “script tags”) that may be loaded on our sites, applications, and tools, that may work in concert with cookies to identify our users and provide anonymized data on their behavior.

Web Beacons We Use:

Ugliifroot (via Google Analytics)

Google privacy policies can be found here



What We Collect:

-Emails (through contact forms)

-Phone Numbers (through contact forms)

-Names (through contact forms)

-Country Of Origin (through contact forms & beacons)

-IP Addresses (through beacons)

What We Do With It: uses this information for general monitoring of our website and analytics, such as how well our website is functioning, how long visitors stay on our website, and what they spend the most time doing while they are here. We collect this information so we can improve the visitor experience as much as possible. We use your personal information from contact forms to contact you for things like:

-song submissions

-new content notifications

-giveaway announcements

-call to action announcements

We will NEVER willingly share or sell the information we directly collect ourselves. We only use it to improve user experiences and notify you of new and upcoming content.



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