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Featured Submission Guidelines

This set of guidelines is designed to answer commonly asked questions about TH!S EDM & Extreme Underground Entertainment's policies on Featured Artist submissions.


Here you will find all of the guidelines. It is fairly simple to submit your music.

Submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines will be rejected and you will be asked to resubmit.

While we do our best to notify everyone with active submissions that a rule or rules have changed, it is ultimately up to you to check these guidelines.

  1.  Tracks must have a minimum length of 2m 45s and a maximum length of 8m 00s. This rule is there to ensure everyone has roughly the same chances of getting their music played. Longer tracks equal fewer plays, due to drop off. Equality, bruh.

  2. All tracks must be electronic music in nature. You will have made it in a DAW or using live synths. (Example: modular rack synths or Novation Launchpad). We don't post rap unless it's in trap or dubstep.

  3. IT MUST BE A PUBLIC SOUNDCLOUD TRACK. We do not accept private tracks or tracks from other websites for submission. (No YouTube or Spotify links.)

  4. You must follow copyright law. Please own the usage rights to your music and sampling if any is present in your music. If your content violates SoundCloud Terms Of Service you are also violating our terms of service and we don't like that very much.

  5. We do not offer payouts or royalties for tracks played via features. We offer a free of charge service. Our goal is to get word out about your music in the form of a free playlist.

  6. If you do not have the key information for your track, don't worry. Key and BPM information make it easier for our curator/admins to assemble the monthly playlists that showcase the music you send. It's not the end of the world if you don't have it available.

  7. Please DO NOT expect us to offer you feedback on your submission. We may offer feedback but that's kind of our call.

  8. Professional mastering is appreciated but not required. Please keep in mind, however, that quality is a huge factor is whether we will feature you. If your track sounds like a ton of monkeys in a jet engine turbine... well... that's just not pleasant for anyone. Not even the monkeys. 

  9. We are hosting music at our discretion and reserve the right to remove a track for any reason. 

  10. MOST people that follow these guidelines will be featured.

  11. Have FUN! 

  12. By submitting your music you agree to allow permission to use your music for our Featured Artists page.​ Contact us for takedown requests.

  13. You can submit one track per week. If it meets our guidelines and genre criteria it will be featured. We reserve the right to refuse any submission, however, we rarely do provided these guidelines are followed.

  14. We will, at our option, keep it on our playlist for either 30 days, or 1 year [Artist Of The Month winners get their own playlist]. We can option to keep the song up more or less than these times at our discretion and also at your request. We do allow carryover from one month to the next, but you must resubmit your track using the contact form.

  15. If your track is rejected and you make edits to the track to meet our specifications, we most certainly allow and encourage you to resubmit the same track for reconsideration.

  16. You can opt out at any time by sending a general message to us on the contact page with 'Opt Out'. as the subject line. We will respond to let you know your track has been removed within 48 business hours.

  17. The purpose of this playlist is to give you a platform for your music. It's basically an online mixtape that people can enjoy. I do promote the playlist, and sometimes individual artists but I tend to be too busy to actively promote every single person on the playlist individually. You can share the playlist to promote your music as well. You may contact me to get the embed code. Myself or one of the admins will send it to you if you can not find it on SoundCloud. 

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