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2020 Artist Of The Month January - Trigg

Hailing from Houston Texas, Trigga Happy aka Chris Perez is up and coming dubstep producer/DJ with a passion for making and playing out heavy hitting dubstep. Since he was just 12 he always loved dubstep for its rhythmic and interesting sound design, fast foward 6 years later after going to his first dubstep show he was determined to learn and become a dubstep producer. fast forward another 4 years of  pure dedication and commitment he has now produced his best tracks to date as shown in his latest EP "I AM TRIGGA HAPPY". Trigga Happy has played under act such as SVDDEN DEATH, RAMPAGE, SYMBIOTIC, CHERNEY, MVRDA and more. Trigga Happy latest EP "I AM TRIGGA HAPPY"   has proven what he is made of and what he is about. His future plans are to consistently improve and grow his brand for his audience and as well reach new heights with his music. This is just a taste of whats to come in the near future for Trigga Happy.

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